Designed for comfort.
Rooted in sustainability.

It is every parents desire to give their children a better life than their own. It was with this thought that in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, Monkeeroos was born! This company was built by me to be passed down to my sweet & spunky daughter, Amelia.

As a new mom and aunt to 4 of the best kids ever I realized that two things matter when it comes to pajamas - COMFORT & SUSTAINABILITY. I was watching my Milli outgrow every outfit that I purchased within 1 or 2 wears and finding it to be very frustrating and expensive.

I purchased her first bamboo pajama romper at 4 months old and we never looked back! They were PERFECT — Comfortable, Super Cute Prints, Great for Amelia’s sensitive skin and best of all bamboo stretched to fit 3x longer than any other pajama we had bought.

It is my family’s hope that you find just as much joy in wearing Monkeeroos as we are having designing and producing them!